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The wallpaper script that does it all

Smart admin panel
Wallpaper Site Script uses our unique admin panel that allows you to do more with less page loads by utilizing AJAX.

Bulk image upload & import
Bulk upload multiple files in one go and then import them with a single click. All the data is automatically generated!

Watermark wallpapers
You have to option to watermark all wallpaper files so that users can see where the wallpaper came from.

The right size wallpaper for all screen sizes
WSS can resize a large image to fit all screen resolutions, even smart phones like the iPhone. It even detects the user's resolution automatically displaying the correct option for them to download.

Facebook connect
Users can log-in to your site using Facebook which means millions of people are already able to log-in to your site the say you launch.

Language support
Easily translate your site to any language. All phrases and words used in Wallpaper Site Script are contained in 1 file. Front-end only.

Ratings, comments, tags, favourites, reports & more
Users can add comments, rate wallpapers and add wallpapers to their favourites. Wallpapers can be tagged to make them easier to find and reports can be filed if there's a problem with a wallpaper.

And LOTS more
Check out the features page for even more details or view the demo and try it yourself.