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An intro to AV Arcade...

Easy AJAX admin panel
AV Arcade features an admin panel unlike any other with AJAX helping you do tasks faster without being overbearing and getting in the way.

Game feeds
Find, play and download flash games from Kongregate, Flash Game Distribution, FreeOnlineGames.com, Spil Games, 2Player Games and Arcade Game Feed all within the admin panel.

Social features
Users can register with your site and add friends, send private messages plus comment on games and news posts!

Facebook connect
Users can log-in to your site using Facebook which means millions of people are already able to log-in to your site the say you launch.

Language support
Easily translate your arcade to any language. All phrases and words used in AV Arcade are contained in 1 file. Front-end only.

Ratings, comments, tags, favourites, reports & more
Users can add comments, rate games and add a game to their favourites using AJAX so they can continue playing without interruption.

Ad management & Ads before games
Create ads using any code you like for displaying in pre-defined positions and display ads to users before their game loads.

And LOTS more
Check out the features page for even more details or even better view the demo and try it yourself.

Four templates included

Unique templates created specifically for AV Arcade. No recycled stock-templates here!

template1s   template1s
template2s   template3s

3rd party modules such as Facebook Connect and game feeds are offered as-is. These features may become temporarily or permanently disabled in the future at the 3rd party's discretion or if changes are made by the 3rd party